Haldex warns against using imitation ABAs

Haldex has launched a campaign warning distributors, dealers, fleets, and owner-operators in the commercial vehicle industry to beware of imitation automatic brake adjusters (ABAs). These imitation ABAs are made with low grade materials, and they are manufactured using substandard processes and inferior quality control methods.

The firm has conducted thousands of hours of life cycle and environmental tests on imitation ABAs. These tests are identical to those Haldex conducts on Haldex ABA products. Test results indicate:

  • Imitation ABAs have wormshafts and worm wheels that completed only 5 percent of the cycles before they failed.

  • Imitation ABAs have clevis pin bushings that completed only 10 percent of the cycles before failing.

  • Imitation ABA housings completed only 4 percent of the cycles before failing.

  • Imitation ABAs had a 100 percent failure rate in corrosion testing.

These failures can cause loss of braking or excessive brake chamber strokes, which lead to dangerous conditions, risky performance, less durability, and out-of-service violations.

An advanced control arm design in Haldex ABAs eliminates failed roadside inspections, ends the high cost of linkage-style adjusters, and maintains the proper lining-to-drum clearance. Haldex ABAs minimize internal wear and prevent contamination.

Genuine Haldex ABAs can be identified by the Haldex name or logo on the side cover.

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