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Haldex warns against imitation HCVs

Imitation height control valves have been designed to appear identical to genuine Haldex height control valves in order to convince the user they'll perform the same. However, Haldex says they don't match its valves in function, durability, and quality. Imitation valves typically exhibit large deadbands, inconsistent time delays, intermittent operation, excessive leakage, and high susceptibility to temperature variations.

Features of the genuine Haldex height control valve include:

  • Time delay technology that maintains chassis production and conserves air to increase compressor life.

  • Robust die-cast zinc body, precision machined steel, and durable plastic components to ensure operation in extreme conditions.

  • Valve comes with ¼" fittings and breakaway arm, and it can be mounted in right or left orientations for ease of installation.

  • Minimum dead band range provides excellent control of suspension ride height to maintain critical drive system pinion angles.

  • Valve can be equipped with optional dump valves for exhausting air from the suspension.

For more information, visit or call 800-643-2374.

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