Haldex introduces air disc brakes

After widespread application in Europe, Haldex is bringing its air disc brakes to North America.

The new brakes will fit 19.5-inch and 22.5-inch heavy truck wheels. They will become available for purchase in July 2002.

The Haldex air disc brakes have been in production in Europe for the past three years. In addition to general highway use, the brakes have been used for three seasons of European heavy truck racing, during which regular production Haldex brake calipers fitted with pads made for racing outperformed specially built racing brakes. Trucks using Haldex brakes won the driver's championship in 1999 and the manufacturer's championships in 1999 and 2000.

The new brakes have been optimized for North American commercial use and operating conditions. They are equipped with four stainless steel caliper slide pins and Teflon slide pin bushings to eliminate the need for lubrication. The quadruple pin configuration provides stable support for the caliper and eliminates sticking calipers and uneven brake pad wear. Slide pins are all identical and interchangeable, eliminating any requirement for left- or right-side specific parts.

The compact brake design can be used easily in nearly all commercial trucks. The application and adjustment mechanism are integrated into a single module that simplifies service and reduces the need for replacement parts.

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