Haldex announces multiple changes

Haldex Commercial Vehicles announced a series of changes at the Mid-America Trucking Show, including:

  • New suspension control valves are being moved to the Haldex name. The company acquired Neway in January 2002.

  • Haldex engineers have found a way to improve braking performance through the use of polymer chemistry in a fiber-coating process called Cross-Link Technology. The technology is now being used in the new 3000 Series Haldex friction products.

  • Anchorlok Life Seal spring brakes are designed to eliminate the major causes of spring failure by keeping contaminants out.

  • The new Self-Setting Brake Adjuster (S-ABA) is designed to improve performance, maximize service life, and streamline inventories and interchanges with Haldex automatic brake adjusters. (www.hbsna.com)

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