Guide from Roll-Rite simplifies ordering tarp systems

A few simple measurements is all it takes to order new tarp systems, thanks to Roll-Rite's revamped Fleet Spec & Pricing Guide designed for the tandem and multi-axle dump truck markets. The guide now offers Roll-Rite's “Quick Pick Tarp Systems,” designed to simplify ordering.

Steven Searfoss, customer service manager at Roll-Rite, says, “Ordering your tarp system can be as easy as calculating the truck body length, plus the cab guard rise.”

New tailoring options for tarp systems are also featured in the new guide. Options range from the basics to multi-level upgrades for a more tailored system fit. Two such options are Extreme Duty tarp bows and 45-degree pivot offset kits.

To receive a free copy of the Fleet Spec & Pricing Guide, e-mail [email protected].

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