Grumman, Freightliner Deliver for USPS

Grumman Olson and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp are currently producing intermediate delivery vehicles for the United States Postal Service (USPS).

These vehicles are being produced at Grumman Olson's Montgomery PA manufacturing facility. The total number of units to be delivered in 2001 will total 1,190 with sales valued at $41 million. Under terms of the agreement, the two companies will manufacture up to 3,390 units over the life of the contract. Initial deliveries to the USPS began in July 2001.

Grumman Olson's engineering team created a custom walk-in body. The aluminum body includes a redesigned driver's cockpit, Smart Vent air system, folding shelves, and a cargo area that optimizes space in order to hold various types of containers.

Freightliner's chassis features a newly designed, single-rear-wheel axle design that maximizes cargo volume while maintaining payload capacity.

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