Grote completes all-LED trailer system

The introduction of a new side turn lamp and a license lamp means that Grote Industries now offers its SuperNova LED lamps for all trailer positions. Shown for the first time at the annual Technology and Maintenance Council meeting, the new LED side turn lamp meets the highest SAE standards for turn signal visibility, according to Dominic Grote, director of fleet/OEM sales. Using six LEDs with new high-output technology, the side turn lamp cast visible light to both the front and rear of the trailer in a wide arc, yet is compact enough to fit existing mounting holes on trailer side rails. It is the only LED combination lamp on the market that meets the SAE J2039 side turn signal standard, according to Grote. The new license lamp represents Grote’s first use of a white LED, offering the long life of LED technology for one of the most frequently replaced lamps on a truck or trailer. Compatible with most common license lamp mounts, according to Grote, the new LED features a molded shell with a low profile to prevent collision damage. Both new LED lamps use Grote’s Ultra-Blue-Seal male molded bullet connectors.

TAGS: Trailers
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