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Great Dane manufacturing weight-reducing lining

The most striking feature of this SuperSeal XLT refrigerated van may be its stainless steel skin, but the news is its interior lining. Great Dane now produces its own polypropylene fiber-reinforced lining that the company claims can reduce the weight of a refrigerated trailer by 250 pounds. Great Dane says its lining has twice the strength of conventional fiberglass-reinforced linings, making it more durable and impact resistant.

The 48-ft reefer trailer shown here has .035" stainless steel on the front and .021" on the sides. The rear frame, buckplate, and impact guard also are made of stainless steel. Insulation is 3.5" in the nose, 2" in the sides, 2.88" in the roof, and 2.5" in the floor. Great Dane Division, P O Box 6, Savannah GA 31402.

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