Gray & Adams pallet trailers add extra capacity

Gray & Adams pallet trailers add extra capacity

“We won’t always make full use of their increased carrying capacity, says Gist engineering director Sam de Beaux. “But there will certainly be times when the ability to carry an extra four pallets on our new trailers is going to be very useful indeed.”

Time and temperature-controlled logistics specialist Gist is breaking new ground with its latest refrigerated 13.6m trailers from Gray & Adams of Fraserburgh, Scotland.

They are some of the first 44-pallet lifting-deck trailers on Britain’s roads – this new addition to the Gray & Adams range offers a 10% increase in pallet carrying capacity compared to a standard, 13.6m double-decker.

The UK manufacturer of temperature-controlled trailers and commercial vehicle bodies took a fresh look at its standard 40-pallet offering before employing a series of measures that allow operators to make practical use of every cubic inch of space on the two decks.

Each of the new trailers runs on six 445/45 R 19.5 tires in place of the more conventional twelve 215/75 R 17.5s, and features wide radius leading-edge extrusions that smooth the airflow and reduce fuel consumption.

Gist has specified a combination of dual- and single-temperature Carrier refrigeration units while some of its new trailers are additionally fitted with retractable Dhollandia 1500kg liftgates – as well as the bottom decks, these can access the upper decks in their lowered positions.

Gist’s transport and warehousing network extends throughout the UK and Europe, and the company handles everything from dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables and other chilled and perishable foods, to cut flowers and live plants, for an impressive portfolio of customers.

As well as supplying the vast majority of Gist’s trailers, Gray & Adams also builds insulated bodies for the operator’s straight trucks. This year’s orders include a number for mainly single-temperature 8.2m and 6m insulated boxes which are being fitted to a fleet of 18-tonne DAF chassis.

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