Goodyear introduces new steer tire

Goodyear today announced the introduction of an entirely new commercial long-haul steer tire that was developed from the ground up and promises to “raise the industry bar” for performance in this industry segment. According to Ted J. Fick, vp of Goodyear’s commercial tire division, the G395 LHS steer is designed to give long-haul operators uniform wear, more miles to removal and better retreadability. "We believe we’re bringing to market a new steer tire with performance second to none," he said. "The design, engineering, compounding and testing support our belief." According to Fick, the G395 LHS was also designed to be a "tire within a tire." As the original tread wears down, jagged/angled groove walls across the footprint are exposed to maximize traction and handling. The G395 LHS design features lateral sipes and slots on the three main ribs to provide excellent traction and handling. All five ribs feature edge blades, which the company said is crucial for treadwear performance. The G395 LHS also utilizes Goodyear’s enhanced casing design puncture-resistant, 4-belt package that features high-tensile steel on the three lower belts. The top belt is made with polyamide, which protects the steel belt package from moisture. Fick added that the tires are protected by a seven-year/700,000 mile limited warranty.

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