GM details emissions changes

GENERAL Motors' 2010 emissions package with the Duramax 6.6-liter engine provides high horsepower and torque, low noise, good fuel economy and durability and reliability, while featuring system changes to the engine, exhaust system, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank and lines, and electrical system.

Joe Langhauser said the Duramax has an improved-efficiency VNT turbocharger, Piezo common rail fuel system with increased pressure 2000 bar, EGR system with increased capacity, block NVH improvements, high-efficiency crankcase vent system, increased oil-pump capacity, and an accessory drive that is mounted 5mm outward for better clearance.

On the 159" G-Cutaway with a rear-mounted 57-gallon fuel tank or side-mounted 33-gallon tank, the 5.83-gallon DEF tank is mounted inside of the front rail. On the 139" G-Cutaway, the DEF tank is mounted inboard on the last crosssmember. On the G-Van (cargo), the DEF tank is on the outside rail.

“We did this because we assumed you would not be putting any real equipment on the outside of the rails; most of you use it on an ambulance, school bus or shuttle bus,” he said. “We were able to then merge two lines together and put them into the same fueling point.”

The G-Van has a smaller 19mm opening for the DEF, preventing diesel from being added. The DEF fill cap is always blue.

On the Silverado and Sierra, the DEF tank is outside the rail on the passenger side and the DEF fill is underneath the cab on the driver's side with under-hood fill capacity.

He said the DEF tank, lines, engine, and exhaust system will add up to 60 lbs to the Silverado/Sierra, with no significant changes to the transmission or cab. And the heavy-duty components provide improvements to frames, axles, suspensions, and fuel tanks.

On the Express/Savana, he said the DEF tank, lines, engine, and exhaust system will add up to 80 lbs, with no significant changes to frames, axles, suspensions, transmissions, cooling system, fuel tanks, and cab.

He said upfitter modifications are not recommended. The DEF lines and hoses to the exhaust system should not be moved, and the DEF tank fill hose is flexible to modify position on a Cutaway chassis. The height of fill should be retained to maintain DEF capacity. Exhaust routing modification is allowed after the diesel particulate filter (DPF) within guidelines published by

He said the additional components and technology will require a “significant price increase,” but GM has not released the specifics yet.

Market share update

GM lost 0.2% market share in full-size pickup sales through July, according to Dan Tigges. But while the Avalanche share went down .08%, the Silverado and Sierra — “our core commercial vehicles,” Tigges said — went up 0.6%.

In full-size vans, GM's market share went up 1.6% while Ford's went up 1% and Dodge's fell 2.6%.

“We've done well in a tough market and tough circumstances,” he said.

He gave this timeline for heavy-duty regular and crew cabs: Start of production was mid-October, with diesel order cutoff in November. The diesel build-out is January and February, with a dark period March through May. Start of production for 2011MY with new emissions diesel engines is in May.

For HD extended and 1500 extended cab with 8" box: Production has been relocated to the Fort Wayne plant for the gas production starting in January. The dark period for diesel started in October and extends until July. Start of production for 2011MY emissions diesel and components is set for July. The extended cab chassis does not return to production.

For full-size vans: 2010MY are now in production, with a diesel build-out in December. There is a five-month dark period starting in January. Start of production for the new emissions diesel is in late May.

New for full-size pickups and vans:

Alternative fuels. E85 for 2010MY vehicles is standard on 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.0L V8s (passenger and cargo models) and standard on all light-duty V8s. B20 biodiesel (SEO 5F4) is available for cutaways, heavy-duty pickups and heavy-duty regular cab box deletes.

6-speed automatic transmission on 1500 series regular and extended cabs with 5.3L, and 2500/3500/4500 series vans and Cutaways with 4.8L. 6.0L, and 6.6L diesel.

New for Silverado/Sierra:

Backup alarm calibration (SEO: SFW) and OnStar (UE1) and XM (U2K).

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