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Giga Liner concept for European roads

THE GIGA LINER is Krone's solution to the need to move more freight volume over the available road network. With an overall train length of 25.25 meters (83 feet) and GCW of 60 tonnes (132,300 lb), the Giga Liner concept has a load volume of 150 cubic meters (5,300 cu ft). These dimensions, while new to Germany and central Europe, have been found on Scandinavian roads for many years.

The seven-axle Giga Liner is made of Krone's three-axle Mega Liner standard 45-ft semitrailer pulled by a two-axle tractor, plus a standard two-axle center-axle trailer that would be used in normal truck-and-trailer operations. This concept offers loading capacity for 52 euro pallets instead of the present 34 pallets. Payload weight is at least 40 tonnes (88,000 lb) instead of the present 26 tonnes (57,300 lb).

Road freight transport volume is expected to increase 70% in Germany during the next 10 years. The Giga Liner would achieve a 40% higher load volume and 60% higher loading weight, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions by up to 20%.

The Mega Liner itself, the lead trailer in the combination, also has been improved. This curtainsider now offers a hydraulic lifting roof capable of being raised 450 mm (18”). The hydraulic lifting system comprises four individual pumps and hydraulic cylinders installed in the corner posts. Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH, Postfach 1148, D-49753 Werlte, Germany.

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