German truck manufacturers see March decline in foreign demand

German manufacturers reported an 8% decline for March 2002 over a year ago in demand from foreign customers for both of the vehicle segments -- up to 6 tons, and above 6 tons. In the year to date, foreign demand for German trucks up to 6 tons was down 9% over a year, while trucks above 6 tons suffered a 4% decline.In March 2002, an estimated 18,900 light and 6,150 heavy trucks were first registered in Germany. In a year-on-year comparison, this equates to shortfalls of 9% and 25% respectively.Compared with March 2001, German manufacturers shipped 12% fewer vans and 17% fewer heavy commercial vehicles abroad. The first quarter of 2002 saw exports of commercial vehicles up to 6 tons slip 18% to 37,400 units, while foreign deliveries of heavy trucks dropped 22% to 20,300.German manufacturers adapted their output to the reduced demand, turning out 19% fewer vans and 22% fewer trucks above 6 tons in March.

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