Fusor Adhesives Reduce Installation Time

Fusor Auto/Truck Body Repair Adhesives introduces T19 and TF19 plastic installation adhesives (Super-Fast Set). This new proprietary technology reduces installation times on smaller, everyday jobs. With this latest addition, Fusor now offers a range of work times from three to 60 minutes. T19/TF19 adhesives are designed for heavy-duty truck, bus, and RV repair.

Stronger than conventional fiberglass, SMC, and other body panel plastics, this adhesive is used to install fenders, fender liners, fairings, spoilers, support brackets, cab extenders, ground effects, headlamp buckets, and other body panels. T19 and TF19 adhesives are available in two sizes: 300-ml (10.1-ounce) and 600-ml (20.2-ounce) cartridges. Both products may be dispensed with either manual or pneumatic applicator guns. T19 and TF19 adhesives have a work time of three to five minutes with handling strength of 30 minutes or less.

For more details, contact Lord Corp, 111 Lord Dr, PO Box 8012, Cary NC 27512-8012.

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