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Funds Sought for Wheel-End Research

A Society of Automotive Engineers subcommittee is seeking funds to research ways to reduce the incidence of spindle nut failure.

“The United States has no standards or recommendations for spindle-nut systems, nor do we have a database of wheel failures,” says Leslie Weinstein, manager of True Lock LLC and chairman of the SAE Subcommittee for Data, Research and Funding. He points out that Canada has recently passed legislation that makes recording of wheel failures mandatory and imposes fines when wheel failures occur.

Purpose of the project is to develop a standardized test and a standardized testing mechanism to ensure the safety of spindle-nut system designs. It will establish and maintain a standardized test and a lead testing facility to evaluate spindle-nut systems and to ensure that new and existing designs meet a minimum standard for safety.

The budget for the project is estimated at $225,000.

Participants in the project include Okabe, Dana, Holland Axle Products, Stemco, Rather Engineering, Metform, ArvinMeritor, Hi-Shear, Timken, and True Lock.

For additional information, contact Leslie Weinstein at (208) 375-4846 or e-mail at [email protected]

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