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Full-opening side, top of STAS moving-floor trailer

THE Side Walker is the prototype of a new side-opening moving-floor semitrailer from STAS, a Belgian company located only a few miles from the Kortrijk show. The full-opening sidewall allows lumber, extrusions, and other long cargo to be loaded from the side. This sidewall is fabricated of aluminum planks, and is hinged at midpoint up the sidewall. It is supplied by Wingliner of Austria.

Bulk cargoes that are to be unloaded by the moving floor can be top-loaded through the full-opening roof. The movable bulkhead just inside the front wall can be moved back to the central part of the trailer to separate materials when hauling two bulk cargoes.

The Side Walker has an 86 m3 (112-cubic-yard) capacity. Interior dimensions are 13.5 m (44.3 ft) long, 2,470 mm (97") wide, and 2,580 mm (102") high. Tare weight is 8,300 kg (18,300 lb). Konstruktiewerkhuizen STAS NV, Flanders Fieldweg 45, Industriezone E17, B-8790 Waregem, Belgium.

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