Fuel Filler Tube Change on GM Cutaway

Repositioning is required on the fuel filler tube on GM's 2001 G Cutaway 03/32 models, according to a National Truck Equipment Association technical report.

The fuel filler tube used on those models — with an RPO NL1 side-mounted, 35-gallon fuel tank — was changed from a concentric fuel fill and vent tube to a fuel fill tube with separate vent tube. The new fuel fill tube is attached to the fuel tank filler neck, utilizing a rubber hose and clamps. During the vehicle build, the fuel fill tube is installed to facilitate filling the fuel tank at the assembly plant.

To prepare the vehicle for shipping purposes, the fuel fill tube was secured to the frame with tie wraps, and the rubber hose used to attach the tube to the tank would twist and collapse, failing to return to its original shape.

For vehicles built after October 12, 2000, the lower clamp should be loosened, the fuel tube rotated approximately 90 degrees, and the lower hose clamp retightened.

The breakpoint VIN is 11133005.

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