FTR Holding State of Freight Webinar August 11

FTR Associates will hold a State of Freight webinar on August 11th at 1 p.m. EDT, featuring industry veterans Noel Perry and Larry Gross for an in-depth status review and a look forward through the end of this year and beyond.

With the economic recovery sputtering, the freight picture contains even more uncertainty than usual. Peak season is fast approaching. What will it look like? Will there even be a peak season this year?

  • Will the economy continue sleep-walking out of the downturn? What are the chances of a double dip? And what do these scenerios mean for freight?
  • What can the performance in the rail carload sector tell us about the economy and prospects for the recovery?
  • What is the outlook for trucking and trucking rates? Has the driver shortage been avoided or simply postponed?
  • Can intermodal continue to out-perform the market? What's driving the intermodal surge and how sustainable is it?

To register, go to
If you encounter any trouble registering or have any questions please contact Helen Lile at [email protected] or (888) 988-1699 ext. 45.

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