FTR Associates’ State of Freight Webinar on July 19

FTR Associates will host its latest State of Freight Webinar on Thursday at 1 p.m. EDT.

Topics covered during the Webinar will include:

· How can the U.S. stay healthy with Europe sick?

· How much of downside risk is Europe?

· Do we have a driver shortage – or not?

· Is the energy crisis over?

· Where does natural gas make the most sense?

· What can rail carloads tell us about the economy?

· What is the outlook for coal – the most important rail commodity of all?

· Why is intermodal out-performing truck and will it continue?

· What are the implications for a possible East/Gulf coast port stoppage?

Larry Gross and Noel Perry, senior consultants with FTR Associates, are the featured speakers with Eric Starks, president, moderating.

As part of the webinar, there will be a live Q/A session with FTR’s industry experts.

Register before July 17 at

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