Freightliner Recalls Certain Air-Braked Trucks

Freightliner LLC has issued a recall of about 133,000 of its medium-duty and heavy-duty Business Class trucks built with air brakes since May 1991. No school buses are involved, nor trucks with hydraulic brakes. The brake pedal push rod that activates the service brakes may bend and later fracture, resulting in a loss of braking. The brake pedal push rod will be replaced with one of a larger diameter.

Freightliner is notifying affected customers about the recall. A first priority will be given to vehicles with dual steer, and next to vehicles in construction, refuse, fire, and emergency applications. Freightliner dealers will have replacement parts available for the dual-steer vehicles, and most are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Parts for the remaining vehicles will be available as soon as possible. Representatives at the firm's toll-free Customer Assistance Center (phone 800-FTL-HELP) are available around the clock to answer questions.

Owners of affected Business Class trucks are being advised to inspect their vehicles visually for bent brake pedal push rods. If the rod is not bent, the vehicle is safe to operate. Information on how to inspect for a bent rod is available at the web site If the rod is bent, owners should phone 800-FTL-HELP for replacement arrangements.

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