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Freightliner Offers Factory-Installed Options to Save Time, Money

FACTORY-INSTALLED options and chassis accessories from Freightliner Corporation will make body and equipment installation easier for distributors, according to Jim Strong, Freightliner Corp.

The company has between 20,000 and 30,000 non-data book chassis accessories, many of which can be installed at that factory's assembly line to save distributors time and money. Factory-installed accessories are also backed by the factory warranty.

Freightliner will introduce a new vocational suspension, Tough Track, within the next few months. The maintenance-free suspension is lightweight and is rated between 40,000 and 56,000 lb.

Other factory-installed options now available from Freightliner include: Between-seat storage cabinet.

Transverse muffler for beverage companies.

Under-seat safe-device for storing cash or valuables.

Rear sliding glass window on driver's side.

Splash and dust covers for battery areas.

Bolt-on or conventional front frame extensions.

Left side exhaust routing for Cummins engines to avoid interference with PTO applications.

Prewiring for snowplow lights routed through the firewall.

Ford Cargo cab on Freightliner's Business Class chassis.

Freightliner will supply the wiring harness for interfacing special equipment with Allison ND and HD transmissions pre-wired from the factory. Other factory-installed pre-wiring is available for special electronics.

All-wheel-drive step-frame chassis are available. Axles on all-wheel-drive chassis are installed at the factory.The FL112 model chassis is now available with the Cummins M11 engine. John Marina of Cummins Engine Company discussed benefits of the Cummins ISD engine. The computer-controlled ISD can provide fleets with information critical to maintaining an efficient vehicle.

The engine will monitor average and instantaneous fuel economy readings as well as record the number of stops a vehicle makes. Idle time, security, and tamper resistant features such as driver security codes are included.

The engine has diagnostic and prognostic capabilities such as tracking of hours and miles traveled and pre-warning of maintenance intervals. The ISD's computer can be programmed to set cruise control and maximum vehicle speed and to shut down under preset conditions.

The ISD has a life expectancy of 350,000 miles with regular maintenance scheduled at 15,000-mile intervals. The company claims a low-rebuild cost relative to replacement or rebuilding of other engines.

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