Freightliner to increase production of FLD SD

Freightliner Trucks announced the increase in production of its FLD SD Class 8 truck model, with numbers increasing substantially beginning in April at the Truck Manufacturing Plant in Santiago, Mexico.

The FLD SD is a severe-duty vehicle that has enjoyed a prestigious career as a vocational workhorse in the industry since 1990.

"For the past fifteen years, Freightliner Trucks has offered our customers the best in severe-duty capabilities with the FLD SD truck model," said Mark Lampert, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Freightliner Trucks. "Due to strong market demand, we are increasing production of the FLD SD to keep up with our customers' requests for this dependable and durable vehicle."

Built for a variety of severe-duty and construction applications, the FLD SD was introduced in 1990 and given a series of enhancements over the past two years. The enhanced FLD SD now features an upgraded chassis that delivers marked improvements in maneuverability, quality of ride and noise reduction.

Featuring a lightweight and durable aluminum cab in a 120-inch BBC conventional configuration, the FLD SD is specifically built for heavier-duty vocational applications.

Available in either a set-forward front axle or a set-back front axle configuration, the truck's enhanced chassis features a wider-track front axle and high-pressure steering gears which give the tires more room to turn, increasing overall maneuverability.

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