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Freight Wing offers AeroFlex 2012 skirts

Freight Wing has launched its AeroFlex 2012 side skirts.

Customers are seeing from a 4% to 7% improvement in fuel economy, depending on their application and operating speeds. AeroFlex side skirts showed a 7% reduction in fuel consumption at 65 mph in J1321 Joint TMC/SAE Fuel Consumption Test Procedure Type II track testing. The EPA SmartWay program has verified the AeroFlex 2012 as an “advanced trailer skirt,” and it therefore meets the aerodynamic requirements of California regulations as a single device.

“With our latest-generation AeroFlex side skirts we deliver great fuel economy performance, only in a redesigned package that is 30 pounds lighter at only 150 pounds total, yet just as durable as our original AeroFlex side skirt,” said Sean Graham, company president.

Using a dense matrix polyethylene material — a custom-engineered automotive plastic — AeroFlex 2012 side skirts were formulated for extreme conditions.

“They've been tested to withstand temperatures beyond what any trucker would ever encounter — from minus 103 degrees F to 158 degrees F,” said Graham. “Plus they have excellent ‘shape memory,’ able to return to their original form after large impacts better than any other material we've tested.”

The AeroFlex 2012 also incorporates a new mounting clamp system that is easier to install and maintain.

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