Freedom flatbeds from Great Dane offer liberation from the conventional trailer

Great Dane is offering the Freedom line of straight frame and dropdeck platform trailers. The combination steel/aluminum platform trailers offer competitive weight and price without sacrificing strength and durability.

Freedom flatbeds are designed to be modified at the branch or dealer with add-ons such as toolboxes, tire carriers, bulk heads, winches, and straps. They feature an integral winch track, and modular construction makes them easy to repair.

At 102" wide, Freedom flatbeds come in two specs: 12" crossmember spacing for extra strength in forklift operations and 16" crossmember spacing for heavy-load hauling where trailer weight must be kept at a minimum.

The floor system design includes crossmembers that connect to the main beam web with no welding. This design gives improved fatigue life for long-lasting service.

The 1.25" aluminum floor with four apitong nail strips adds versatility for load securement. Chain tiedowns are recessed in the floor to secure loads. Double pipe spools and stake pockets on 24" centers are standard.

Great Dane's aluminum winch track includes 10 winches the full length of the roadside track.

Freedom offers a steel front end with reinforcements for rated bulkheads, a 48" coupler height, and a 30" kingpin location. Reinforcing “doubler plates” in high-stress regions of the gooseneck and gussets in the suspension area increase durability and eliminate cracking. For more information, contact Great Dane, PO Box 67, Savannah GA 31402.
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