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Fras-le plans to produce brake lining in US

Fras-le North America Inc will begin producing heavy-duty lining at its friction manufacturing facility in Prattville AL. This is the first time that Fras-le has produced heavy-duty brake lining in the United States.

The US $11 million investment will expand the company's capabilities to supply lining to its customer base for commercial vehicle business in North America. The company's expansion will add new equipment to its Prattville facility and will involve hiring nearly 100 employees in 2012 and 2013.

Currently, Fras-le manufactures brake lining in Brazil for global distribution and in China for distribution in Europe and Asia. The addition of brake lining production in the United States will increase Fras-le's global capacity significantly. Fras-le manufactures disc brake pads at the Prattville facility.

In other news, Fras-le SA and Meritor Inc announced the renewal of an exclusive, five-year friction material supply agreement for brake lining for the North American commercial vehicle market. Fras-le and Meritor have had a successful supply partnership for 15 years, including the co-development of friction materials to address the needs of North American commercial vehicles.

Manufactured in Brazil, the friction materials are supplied for Meritor production and aftermarket components in North America.

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