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Former President Bush to give NTEA Convention keynote address

The National Truck Equipment Association announced today that former President George Bush will deliver the keynote address at the NTEA's President's Breakfast at the 2004 convention in Baltimore, MD. Bush's address will come on March 4 at the convention, run in conjunction with The Work Truck Show 2004.Since leaving office, Bush has written two books: "A World Transformed," co-authored with Gen. Brent Scowcroft, on foreign policy during his administration; and "All The Best," a collection of letters written throughout his life.Bush was elected President of the United States on Nov. 8, 1988, sworn in on Jan. 20, 1989, and served until Jan. 20, 1993.Bush's wife, Barbara, delivered the keynote address at the NTEA's President's Breakfast in 1999. Talking about how she and the former president had moved 34 times during their years in public service, she joked: "This makes me the owner of more broken china than anyone else in America."

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