Ford Continues Expanding Product Options for Commercial Fleet Users and Body Builders

Ford Motor Company unveils new features for its commercial truck line at the National Truck Equipment Association's, Truck Product Conference held in Dearborn, Michigan, this September 14, 1999.

Many of the new product additions were in response to discussions with body builders and product user focus groups. For the body builder and fleet buyer, important news and product features include: * Ford has expanded the information transference ability of its web site. The official Ford Motor Company web site will now include the body builder's book with new technical information for all of the Ford Super Duty products. Chassis drawings with technical notes on measurements will also be included on the web site. * Ford is strengthening the alternative fuels product offerings by continuing its technology investments in fuels such as natural gas, propane, and electricity. Ford Ranger, Econoline, Super Duty F series, and many automotive products, will have either a bi-fuel or single alternative fuel option. Greater production of bi-fuel and alternative fuel vehicles is set to increase in December of 1999. * Ford realizes that pool product continues to be in short supply. There is an attempt to increase pool allocations as supply for the Super Duty F series increases. Ford would like to add additional pool outlets; however, supply is limited to expand the current operation. * Ford will reinstate the 108" CA on regular cab F-450/550 cab and chassis. There will also be an 84" CA, F-450/550 in both the regular and crew-cab chassis. * The Super Duty F-550 will receive a 30,000 lb GVWR through spring re-rating and option content. The 26,000-lb GVWR will be kept to allow for non-CDL use. * Ford will offer telescopic mirrors on the Super Duty product. * Gas engines on the Super Duty products will qualify the product as Low Emissions Vehicles (LEV). There will also be an option for the 7.3 Lt. Power Stroke Diesel to be certified as an LEV when GVWR's are 14,000 lbs or under. * Ford will be offering a 19 1/2" wheel option with several spring and axle packages for the Super Duty F-450/550 product. * Towing packages on all Ford products will change from the Ford pin to the standardized 7-pin system. In addition, towing packages for the Super Duty series will have two new limited-slip axles ratios to choose from, the 4.88 and 5.38 * The 5.4 Ltr, gas V-8 will have an increased horsepower (hp) rating of 260-hp from its current 235-hp. Additionally, the 6.8 Ltr, gas V-10, will have an increased horsepower rating of 310-hp from 275-hp. The torque ratings on both engines will also be increased. * New options are already on the board for the Super Duty F-650/750 product. There will be a low-profile option that will be accomplished using 19 1/2" wheels and revised spring rates. This will be a straight frame design. The Spicer 7-speed direct- and over- drive transmission will be offered on the product. A tractor package will be offered on the F-750 that will be designed for beverage distribution applications. * Ford's Econoline Van will be offered in a bus application package. Fords reintroduction of this package option will start after January 2000. Along with this new option, the Econoline product is slated for a new dash design, and the future model year will incorporate disk braking on all wheels.

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