Ford Cargo Now Has Freightliner Chassis

Freightliner has brought the Cargo low-cab-forward truck back into production as part of Freightliner's expanded Business Class product line. Freightliner acquired the Cargo from Ford Motor Company in the 1997 sale of Ford's heavy truck line to Freightliner Corporation.

Freightliner has added the flexibility of custom engineering to the Cargo line so customers can order the truck and features to meet the needs of their application. The addition of the Business Class chassis as standard equipment on the cargo provides greater option flexibility for Cargo builders.

"Cargo earned a loyal customer base because of its performance versatility, outstanding ride, and strong resale value," said Jim Hebe, Freightliner president and CEO. "Cargo is designed for the operator who needs a highly maneuverable truck with superior cargo capacity in a shorter overall length than a similar conventional truck."

"The Business Class Cargo series can handle a multitude of jobs such as hauling roll-off containers, refuse, beverages, and refrigerated freight. It's also a good choice for work in construction, agriculture, emergency service, and municipal applications."

Production of the Cargo began in February at Freightliner's Mount Holly Truck Plant in North Carolina. Two Cargo models are available. The FC 70 covers gross vehicle weight ratings from 25,500 to 35,000 lb with a single drive axle. The FC 80 starts at 31,000 lb GVWR in a single drive axle and climbs to 52,000 lb in the tandem axle configuration.

A 53" front axle setback, standard power steering, and low-cab-forward design give Cargo the ability to work in tight quarters in inner city environments. Operators gain improved visibility through the cab's 34 square feet of windows and oversize windshield. The windows offer a 290 field of vision. Cargo's short bumper-to-back-of-cab (BBC) dimension improves maneuverability. The 63" Cargo cab has an effective BBC of 83".

Cargo's full-depth, high-tensile steel frame rails provide uniform strength and capacity from front to rear Bolted construction gives the frame extra rigidity. High-strength Huckbolt fasteners are an option for key frame attachments. Frame holes are punched to order and go only where needed, which increases design flexibility and eliminates unnecessary holes. Frame tops are smooth and free of obstructions to simplify installation of the truck body.

The Cargo is equipped with Cummins' new ISB six-cylinder turbocharged electronically controlled diesel engine. The 24-valve engine power ranges from 175 to 215 hp. Transmission choices include 5-, 6-, and 9-speed direct manual gearboxes plus 4- and 5- speed mechanical automatics and 5- and 6-speed electronically controlled automatic transmissions from Allison.

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