For this Fontaine trailer, the West is the best

Fontaine Specialized has added the new 44EXP model trailer design specifically for operations in California and the western United States.

The 44EXP is an ultra-lightweight trailer designed to maximize potential payloads in conformance with California statutory lengths and axle group loadings. To provide for the maximum allowable axle weights, the 44EXP uses an Expando trunnion suspension system. This system employs eight tires per axle line (16 tires total) in a tandem trunnion configuration. This lets the operator telescope from a standard 8'-6" overall width to a 10'-0" maximum tire width. This capability, coupled with the axle spacing, provides for maximum available loadings in states recognizing trunnion axles.

Fontaine combines the advantages of the Expando trunnion configuration with an air-ride system. Fontaine's patented air-ride trunnion protects a trailer frame and cargo from shock loads imparted from normal dynamic loadings.

The 44EXP is offered in both 20-foot (California Kingpin) and 24-ft deck lengths. for more details, contact Fontaine Trailer Co, PO Box 619, 430 Letson Rd, Haleyville AL 35565.

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