Fontaine begins manufacturing Curtainside trailers

Fontaine Trailer Company, based in Haleyville, Alabama, has begun manufacturing Curtainside trailers, which look much like van trailers except that they open up from the side via a tarp-like curtain. Fontaine Curtainside trailers give cargo the protection of a van trailer, along with the ease of loading from the side rather than from the rear of the trailer. "We are excited about venturing into the Curtainside market," said Dave Acker, vice president of sales. "This is a great opportunity for Fontaine and for our customers. At Fontaine, we pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the service after the sale. These same principles will certainly apply to our line Curtainside trailers as well." Other features and benefits of the Fontaine Curtainside trailers include: * Seven inch neck depth and 48" king pin height; with 55" front deck height * Rear deck height of 53" * Inside height of 105 3/4" * Side opening height of 102 9/16" * Curtains are 28 oz. 12x12 panama weave (two threads running in each direction) provides equal strength and tear resistance in either direction. * High frequency welding on all hems, pockets and webbings permanently fuse welds that do not pull apart and add strength to curtain wall. * Aluminum top rails are custom designed for lightweight, strength, durability and easier curtain operation. * Custom designed tapered top rollers provide a smooth, easy opening and closing for the life of curtain. * Tensioning devices allow for easy locking and unlocking giving drivers more efficiency. * Graphics are silkscreen, 1-4 colors with specialized ink that will not crack or peel for life of curtain. The graphics are digital, clean, full color, sharp images with an acrylic lacquer topcoat that provides protection from U.V. fading, light scratches and graffiti. * Service and technical support for customers as well as technical and engineering expertise in specialized (or custom) curtain design is second to none. * AN OPTIONAL BENEFIT: Heavy duty sliding kick-out post will open to the side or toward the front or rear of the trailer. The sliding design post slides to the front or rear of the trailer and has a three-position lock out as a standard feature.

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