Focus: utility/service/crane body builders

A report on the manufacture of bodies for utility, service, and crane truck applications is available from (SVN), a market research consulting and business publications firm in Modesto CA.

About 55 manufacturers in the United States and Canada are analyzed with sales and production volumes, employee numbers, and a breakdown of the markets by geographic regions. Major companies are profiled in detail to include descriptions of their business and key operating features. Findings in the report include:

  • Annual production for all three truck/body categories examined at the time the research was conducted was estimated at 83,609 units.

  • While the industry consists of numerous players and is highly fragmented, the top five manufacturers of bodies for these applications account for 35.6% of total industry dollar sales, estimated at $630 million.

  • There has been considerable growth in all of the three truck/body categories as utility companies are replacing their old equipment.

The 364-page report is available as a complete study of the industry titled Utility, Service & Crane Truck/Body Manufacturing Industry in North America, or by individual sections for each of the three body segments, as well as separate sections for company profiles and a separate contact directory/database of all the companies in the industry. Further information is on SVN's web site, or phone 209-576-8021.

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