Focus GFM-S Welding Filter Uses Sun Power

Nassau International Inc's Focus GFM-S electronic welding filters are constructed with an advanced special light-absorbing glass that does not cause interference problems from sunlight and area lighting. Two sensors monitor welding and ensure the filter remains in the dark state while welding. Solar-powered, the Focus GFM-S requires no batteries and has no on-off switch.

The Focus GFM-S is infinitely variable between Shade Din 9-13 and can operate in virtually all arc welding and plasma cutting environments. Outside dimensions are 120 x 90 x 12-mm with a 98 x 45-mm (3.8" x 1.8", or 6.84"-square) viewing window, and it has both inside and outside plastic protection plates.

This unit darkens in 1.5 milliseconds and provides UV/IR protection in both light and dark state at all times. When the arc is extinguished, the Focus GFM-S returns to the clear state (Shade DIN 4) within 0.2 to 0.4 seconds.

Made of Super-tuff flame-retardant ABS plastic, the helmet features an extended lower quadrant for throat protection and to reduce fumes. For more details, contact Nassau, 24 S Lafayette Ave, Morrisville PA 19067.

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