Fliegl delivers tippers to Netherlands

Fliegl has delivered six three-axle-rear-tipper semitrailers equipped with aluminum dump bodies to a Dutch client.

These tippers have additional wall-profiles (tip tops) that are mounted on the upper rails of the bodies. With these, the capacity is enlarged from 45 to 60 cubic meters. The dump body is equipped with a reinforced top profile. Its tailgate is hinged onto the top rails, which facilitates tipping. Even a corn gate was built in the middle of the tailgate.

The semitrailer has been equipped with a tarping system that can be used with or without tip tops mounted.

To minimize wear and tear of tires on narrow country lanes, the third axle is self-steering type, and the trailer's first axle is liftable. Tare weight of the tippers is 7,000 kg.

For more details, e-mail Fliegl at [email protected].
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