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FlexMod VSRT prevents dead batteries

Cole Hersee introduces the Voltage Sensing Relay & Timer (VSRT), a new product in the just-released FlexMod line. The VSRT conserves the starting power of a vehicle battery by shutting off auxiliary loads when either starting voltage drops to a low level, or a pre-set timer times out.

Excessive battery discharge is a problem that is sometimes unavoidable, particularly for law enforcement and emergency vehicles. When a vehicle is left idling with active warning lights and other onboard loads, a battery deficit can still arise and the emergency vehicle cannot be restarted.

The VSRT virtually eliminates the possibility of vehicle not reaching the next emergency situation due to a dead battery. This small (4" × 3" × 1") piece of equipment alerts the vehicle operator when starting voltage is low and then cuts off any non-essential loads, such as air-conditioning or exterior lighting.

Cole Hersee uses solid-state technology in the creation of the VSRT, providing long life and zero maintenance or replacement. Its service life exceeds 1,000,000 on/off cycles, operating for the entire lifetime of the vehicle. This device has a rating of 10 amps and can handle many loads directly or drive a relay or solenoid for higher amperages. Overvoltage and overcurrent protective measures are also included.

The VSRT is also completely weather-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof, allowing it to be mounted anywhere on the vehicle.

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