Fleets poised to buy trucks and trailers

A quarterly poll conducted by Columbus, OH-based CK Marketing & Communications shows that large private and for-hire carriers are poised to buy new trucks and trailers in the next six months, largely to add new capacity to meet growing freight demand. "Fleets did not tell me in these interviews that they think they'll buy new equipment, they said they are going to buy new equipment," said industry consultant Chris Kemmer, owner of CK Marketing & Communications "They are telling me they have picked up new business and that there's more freight out there to haul. That's why they need more trucks and trailers." Kemmer surveyed more than 25 fleets, including private carriers, truckload and LTL fleets that operated a minimum of 50 trucks. Her firm reported in its survey that 79% of those fleets plan to buy new power units in the next six months, with 80% planning to buy new trailers. Kemmer noted that the fleets she surveyed are not happy with the fuel losses associated with emissions-reduction technology, but that their durability and reliability are not in question. "Trucks are staying on the road and hauling freight, that is what matters most to them," Kemmer said.

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