FleetPride launches network of heavy-duty truck repair providers

FleetPride, the nation's largest independent heavy-duty truck parts distributor, has launched FleetCare Truck Service Center, a new network of independent heavy-duty truck repair providers. "Fleet outsourcing as well as consolidation trends in the industry have underscored the need in the service arena for a heavy-duty focused repair network, providing a consistent, dependable product on a national level," said Gordon Ulsh, Chairman, President and CEO of FleetPride. "We believe FleetCare fills this void."The FleetCare network will consist of affiliated, independently owned, heavy-duty repair shops. The 21 FleetPride-owned service centers across the nation will lead the way by adopting the FleetCare Truck Service Center name as well. Discussing the affiliation program and its goals, Bob Jennings, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said, "In addition to the clear benefit of being part of a network of the nation's best and brightest heavy duty service and repair shops, the FleetCare affiliation program delivers to independents a much needed marketing edge in today's highly competitive marketplace. A powerful combination of benefits will enable the affiliated shops to compete more successfully against the O.E. dealer and O.E. affiliated service chains. Based upon FleetPride's existing nationwide footprint, our near term goal of 200 to 300 locations should be achievable."Customer awareness of the FleetCare network will be built by advertising support in national publications, a shop identity program and promotional programs designed for local implementation. The shops are also listed on the FleetPride website (fleetpride.com), in a printed locator directory available at each location, and referrals from a toll-free 24/7 locator phone number. FleetCare shops can benefit from FleetPride's relationships with fleet operators all across the country, while the fleet operators will also benefit from the consistent service standards and nationwide warranty offered by FleetCare Truck Service Center members.FleetCare intends to assure the latest in product knowledge and repair techniques for all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks and trailers. FleetCare shops will receive extensive training and technical support from FleetPride programs. These include a mobile tech trailer specializing in air brake repair, and preferred registration at vendor sponsored training clinics on all other critical vehicle components.

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