Fleet group forms CARB Advisory Council

As the California Air Resources Board (ARB) considers a number of regulations that will most likely impact fleets in California, NAFA Fleet Management Association is taking steps to ensure that the concerns and experiences of its members are heard. The association has announced the formation of the NAFA CARB Advisory Council, a new sub-committee of NAFA's Fuels & Technology Advisory Council, to provide input to both NAFA and the Air Resources Board on regulatory matters that impact fleet managers in California.

Within the past year, the California Air Resources Board has announced that it will begin regulating the emissions of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) from electric utility equipment starting in 2011; fined several California companies for failing to inspect their diesel trucks; and held a public meeting as a first step towards the possibility of mandating fleet acquisition of hybrid trucks. NAFA's new advisory council will establish the association as a source of fleet information for the ARB. The council plans to meet with ARB leadership and staff on a regular basis and will help promote NAFA's position of supporting emissions reductions and fuel efficiency instead of mandates that have no basis in fiscal reality. In addition, the council will keep NAFA Members up-to-date on any new or potential legislation that could affect them.

NAFA's role as a collective voice for fleet managers is one of the Association's most important benefits. NAFA encourages fleet managers to communicate regularly with lawmakers and regulators to assure that fleet concerns are considered when laws and regulations are being considered. NAFA retains experienced legislative representatives in Washington, DC and Ottawa, ON to coordinate vital information on laws, regulations, and other government activity relating to fleets.

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