Firm books orders for 18 SCR systems

Combustion Components Associates (CCA), a company that develops, manufactures, and markets air pollution control technologies, has received contracts for its ELIM-NOx SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system on six diesel trucks in the New York Metropolitan Area and 12 off-road construction trucks in Southern California.

The orders exceeding $400,000 represent the first large commercial contract for ELIM-NOx since it was commercialized for retrofit on existing on- and off-road diesel applications and new trucks in early 2004. This technology is designed to achieve 90% nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction while overcoming fuel economy penalties. Additionally, vehicles need not use ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel oil with this technology.

ELIM-NOx works on the principle of SCR using urea, a safe and non-hazardous reagent. A unique feature of the technology is the proprietary “self-learn” monitoring system. This system uses sensors to measure NOx, exhaust temperature, and record various engine parameters. It is temporarily mounted on the diesel truck for recording data as the vehicle operates in its normal driving conditions. The function is ideal for fleets that have identical vehicles, since the data from one vehicle can be used across the fleet.

CCA has developed variants of its ELIM-NOx SCR technology control process with improved injector design and has filed two patents. These patent-pending technologies are designed to extend product durability, improve urea utilization, and facilitate greater NOx reductions from diesel trucks.

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