Fire Apparatus Builders Demonstrate Equipment

A LARGE NUMBER of manufacturers and upfitters that serve the industrial fire industry attended the Industrial Fire World's 14th annual conference and exposition. The conference and equipment show was held at the Adam's Mark Conference Center in Houston, Texas, April 19 - 22.

"We had excellent attendance, and our inside exhibition space and outside demonstration space were effectively sold out," said Anton Riecher, an official with Industrial Fire World. The conference brings together experts on fire containment, hazardous materials procedures, and industrial emergency worst-case scenarios.

The show is well attended by fire apparatus-body manufacturers that provide equipment for petroleum-based and chemically reliant industries that have self-contained fire brigades.

The exhibition is not only a showplace, but also a demonstration facility for industrial fire fighting and emergency rescue equipment. A major focus of the exhibit is the primary and auxiliary fire and environmental containment clothing, along with confined space rescue hardware.

Hardware manufacturers of climbing gear and rescue equipment that integrate with the truck-body like the chassis mounted apparatus at the exhibition.

"Having several trucks or rescue vehicles at the show gives us an opportunity to view and co-ordinate how our rescue equipment will integrate with the response vehicle when it arrives at an emergency situation," said Mandy Bennett of Rescue Concepts, a Houston, Texas, rescue equipment distributor.

Industrial Fire World, (409) 690-7559, organized the conference.

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