Fifty-five-pallet double-decker curtainsider

The double deck trailer from Burg Industries opens all the way. That is, it has full-opening rear doors, full-opening curtain sides, and a collapsible curtain roof. And the double deck system provides 55 pallet positions — 34 pallets on the top deck full length of the trailer and 21 pallets in the belly section and between wheel wells.

Just inside the rear doors is a Berdex BLL belly-loader elevator to lift pallets to the upper deck. This lift platform is pulled by cables operated by a hydraulic cylinder located in each wheel well. Elevator capacity is 2.5 tonnes (5,500 lb).

Cargo space between the wheel wells is 1620 mm (64") wide. These wheel wells enclose Tridec air suspensions, BPW stub axles, 11.75 × 22.5 steel wheels, and Goodyear 385/65 R22.5 tires and drum brakes.

The 13.6 m (44.6 ft) long trailer has a load volume of 110 cubic meters (3,885 cubic feet). The upper coupler section is 11' 8” long, and the belly section behind the drop is more than 10 meters (33') long. Within the legal height of 4050 mm (13' 3"), the inside cargo height of the lower floor is 1840 mm (72.44"), and the upper floor is 1820 mm (71.65"). The floor of the second deck is of double-wall aluminum plank profiles.

Founded in 1938 to build drawbar trailers for local farmers, Burg Industries celebrated its 65th anniversary at the Amsterdam show. It is run by Cees and Peter van der Burg, sons of co-founder Wim van der Burg. From its headquarters in Pijnacker, the holding company has 17 subsidiaries and 15 production sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Poland, and South Africa. Burg Industries, Postbus 27, 2640 AA Pijnacker, the Netherlands.

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