FG Products Inc celebrates 50th anniversary

From a garage shop in an unincorporated Wisconsin town, Sylvester Severson crafted the industry's first insulated bulkhead in 1962.

The first fiberglass- and aluminum-faced bulkheads used inner tube-style seals and bicycle pumps to inflate them once positioned. In the five decades that have passed since then, FG Products has introduced such products as the Air Return Bulkhead, the Center Partition System, the Side Duct Air Chute — and recently the COOL-R Kit Sprinter van insulation package.

FG's products are used by grocery, foodservice, and convenience store distributors across North America and the United Kingdom. The company believes its success is due largely to a customer service focus, a spirit of innovation, and the quality of the products it offers.

Matt Nelson, co-owner of FG Products, said, “You won't make it 50 years in any industry without great products, great service, and great relationships. Thank you to all our customers and friends in the industry.”

The company remains family owned and operated in Rice Lake WI. Visit www.fgproducts.com for more information.

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