FG Products Cool-R Kit insulation package designed for Sprinter vans

FG Products Inc announces the Cool-R Kit Sprinter van insulation package.

Insulating and refrigerating small vehicles and vans for various types of distribution has been done for many years. This typically consists of a studded wall, spray foam or batting insulation, and fiberglass or liner coverings. It can be a time-consuming process with varying performance values.

Credited with inventing the insulated bulkhead in 1962, FG Products has spent the past 50 years producing custom molded FRP insulated panels.

“The concept of a Sprinter kit came to me while visiting the Commercial Vehicle Show in the United Kingdom about 10 years ago,” said Matt Nelson, co-owner of FG Products. “After the body style change in 2008 and extensive market research, we started development. Our first kit has been on the road for over two years now. We don't rush to market on anything.”

The Cool-R Kit, pronounced Cooler, has been thermally tested and can sustain deep frozen temperatures at 100° F ambient. But Nelson warns, “Temp ratings can be misleading, dependent on van size and refrigeration unit model. Application is the real key. Ambient temps, door openings, loading practices, pre-cooling, route length, product type — it all plays a role.”

The Cool-R Kit will fit all high roof Sprinter vans and every refrigeration unit on the market from Thermo King, Carrier, and Zanotti to create a vehicle for every application.

“Our performance is a function of design,” said Nelson. “The contoured, urethane foam-injected panels rarely touch the interior of the van. Every location that requires a fastener receives internal reinforcement. This minimizes Btu transfer and condensation associated with thru-fasteners and studs.”

An insulation package in kit form ships to the van, eliminating liability issues with transporting the van to an insulator that may be hundreds of miles away. According to Nelson, installation takes less than a day and does not alter the interior of the van. This allows components to be replaced or removed for van resale. Kit components are inventoried for quick shipments on one pallet. FG can supply a range of options from bulkheads to load bars, logistic track, and floor drains.

Visit www.fgproducts.com/COOL-R.asp or call Nelson directly at 715-236-2846 for more information.

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