Felling Introduces Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck

Felling Trailers unveiled its hydraulic detach gooseneck line, featuring the X-FORCE XF-110-3 HDG-L with a 55-ton capacity.

Three years in the making, this model line was devised from a compilation of the best features and design elements from market research with hydraulic detachable owner/operators. Felling’s main objective was to provide a user-friendly method of attaching the gooseneck to the main deck.

“Our aspiration was to not just build a hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailer, but to design and build one that has the operator and fleet owner in mind in every detail.” said Patrick Jennissen, Sales/Marketing Manager.

This was accomplished by designing a pointed T-1 “hook” on the bottom of the gooseneck that self-aligns into a pocket on the front of the main deck. The top plate of this “pocket” is shear bolt protected, which means repair is fast and nominal in the event the operator misaligns the hook above the pocket and punches the top plate out when attempting to lift the trailer. According to one operator during Felling’s research, “it’s not if this happens, it’s when this happens.” Minimal downtime is key, and the shear bolt system allows a quick and inexpensive repair.

Maintaining the user-friendly design, once the hook is fully in the pocket, a spring-loaded T-1 bar lock (Tru-lock) automatically pops up behind the hook to lock the gooseneck to the main deck. The spring-loaded “Tru-lock” system has an indicator arm connected through to the left front corner of the main deck, which is visible from the tractor mirror. This innovative feature allows the driver visual confirmation that the Tru-lock system is engaged in the locked position. This arm also acts as a manual unlock device in the event the “air lock release” does not have sufficient air pressure. After attaching the gooseneck, the manual unlock feature allows the operator to easily disengage the Tru-lock system prior to detaching and engaging.

Keeping the focus on user/operator ease of use, Felling incorporated these additional key features based on customer input for the X-FORCE model line:

• A True 30” tall scraper profile gooseneck

• 2400-PSI hydraulic low pressure requirements to lift a fully loaded trailer

• 5 position Quick Change load block - has 3 interchangeable, 5 position ride height blocks giving the operator 15 possible ride height positions

• Tapered main deck frame design with 10” high approach, with the addition of flip over ramps or a fixed approach this creates a very user friendly approach angle.

• T-1 manufactured mainframe rails are cambered and are welded on both sides of the web.

• Standard model deck height is 24”/ 8” ground clearance loaded. Low (L) deck model deck height is 19.5”/ 6” ground clearance loaded.

• Rear trunion has a deep boom well standard with a dropped crossmember running from bolster to bolster.

• Flip axle brackets and plumbing on XF-110-3 HDG (L) and XF-120-3 HDG models

For more information, visit www.felling.com.

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