FedEx Reach-es Out

FedEx is testing five new Reach commercial walk-in vans and has placed a “large order” that will be executed before the end of the year.

The Reach is a lightweight composite van built jointly by Isuzu and Utilimaster. FedEx has been testing five of the vehicles on delivery routes in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Michigan.

“We have been working with Utilimaster and Isuzu since conception to develop a long-life, fuel efficient vehicle that supports the FedEx strategic sustainability objectives. They right-sized the engine down to a more fuel efficient three liters and reduced weight with composite material while maintaining a strong chassis and a spacious interior,” said Dennis Beal, vice president of Global Vehicles at FedEx Express. “The vans are performing well on our routes, and reducing our fuel costs as well as our carbon footprint.”

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