FedEx announces rate increase

FedEx Corp will increase the net average shipping rate for FedEx Express by 4.9% next year.

The average rate is composed of a 6.9% increase in standard list rates, offset by a 2% reduction in the fuel surcharge. The new rates will be effective January 7, 2008 and apply to U S and U S export express package and freight shipments.

Rates and surcharges for FedEx Ground also will increase for 2008. These changes will be announced later this year.

New in 2008, FedEx Express customers importing goods to the U S will pay U S dollar rates. This provides a consolidated set of U S import rates to U S customers allowing them to avoid uncertainties caused by currency fluctuations. Increases in rates for shipments inbound to the U S from certain international locations will also be effective January 7.

The details of these surcharges and the new rates are available at

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