F-Series sales down 10% in June

Ford's F-Series truck, America's best-selling vehicle, posted June
sales of 65,452, down 10% compared with a year ago. Overall, Ford truck sales were down 14%.

In the first six months of 2006, F-Series sales totaled 400,177, down 2% from the same period a year ago. Nonetheless, Ford has outperformed the industry in the full-size pickup segment having increased its share of segment by over two percentage points.

Ford Motor Company's overall U.S. sales totaled 269,404 in June, down 7%. Car sales were up 7%.

Higher gas prices are contributing to lower truck sales, particularly
in the large SUV and pickup categories. Traditional truck-based SUVs have
declined industry-wide for four years in a row, but the decline in large
pickups is a relatively recent phenomenon.

"After the sharp run-up in gasoline prices in April, some truck buyers
delayed purchases," said Al Giombetti, president, Ford and Lincoln Mercury marketing and sales. "Truck buyers are not as likely as SUV buyers to leave the segment, but some buyers are deferring purchases to balance higher monthly payments and higher fuel costs."

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