Express Mount Kit for poly bulk spreaders

SnowEx, a product division of TrynEx International, introduces the new Express Mount Kit (XMT-175) for its line of poly bulk spreaders. Designed to simplify truck bed mounting and removal, the optional Express Mount Kit is for use with SnowEx Vee Pro poly bulk spreader models.

This kit includes a heavy-duty steel subframe that mounts directly to the truck bed base. The frame surrounding the spreader easily slides into the subframe and locks the unit into place. For removal, two people can activate two quick-release levers and slide the spreader out of truck bed — with the entire process taking less than a minute.

To further simplify transport and storage, the Express Mount spreader frame is complete with a mobile wheel kit. Attached to the spreader frame before removal from the truck bed, the three-wheeled base allows the unit to be rolled from one location to the next. The wheel kit positions the spreader vertically, offering more efficient space usage when storing.

For more information, contact TrynEx, 23455 Regency Park Drive, Warren MI 48089.

TAGS: Snow & Ice
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