European commercial vehicle registrations increase in November 2010

In November 2010, registrations of new commercial vehicles continued their upward trend begun in March, according to ACEA. The European Union recorded 160,495 new vehicles, or 16.3% more than in the same month in 2009. Except for buses and coaches, all segments posted growth from January to November, resulting in an overall 7.5% expansion of the EU market compared with the low levels of 2009.

The vans segment grew by 11.6% in November 2010, totaling 132,670 units. In the major markets, the upturn ranged from +2.0% in Italy to +4.9% in Spain, +7.7% in France, +26.1% in the United Kingdom, and 28.4% in Germany.

Eleven months into the year, vans recorded the strongest increase of all commercial vehicle segments (+8.7%) with 1,356,633 units registered. France was the largest market (+12.0%), before the UK (+19.3%), Germany (+14.5%), Italy (+7.7%), and Spain (+10.1%).

In the heavy-truck market over 16 tonnes (excluding buses and coaches), November saw a strong increase of the heavy-truck market (+69.8%, totaling 17,807 units) compared with the crisis-marked performance in 2009, with the UK posting a 152.2% growth, followed by Germany (+82.0%), France (+49.6%), and Spain (+47.4%). Italy was the only one with a drop (-5.5%).

From January to November, registrations of these heavy trucks were up 4.4%. The situation across the EU varied with Germany (+17.2%) and Spain (+21.4%) experiencing a double-digit growth while the UK (-1.4%) and France (-5.4%) saw their markets recede.

For new commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (excluding buses and coaches), November results were positive (+55.0%) in the truck segment, with growth prevailing in most countries. Italy was the only significant market to decline (-1.0%). Elsewhere, the upturn ranged from +33.7% in Spain to +39.6% in France, +73.1% in Germany, 75.1% in Poland, and +79.6% in the UK.

Cumulative results from January to November show an increase of 3.5% in new truck registrations. Poland (+32.2%), Germany (+16.8%), and Spain (+11.8%) positively contributed to the result while the UK (-4.2%), France (-4.5%), and Italy (-6.5%) faced a downturn.

The segment of new buses and coaches over 3.5 tonnes declined in November (-4.7%). A strong growth in Italy (+60.2%) and Spain (+68.5%) could not counterbalance the overall decrease. Registrations in the UK and France dropped by 19.1% and 19.3%, respectively. Germany (+1.3%) remained the largest market for buses and coaches.

Eleven months into the year, registrations fell by 11.2%. Of the most important markets, only Italy posted growth (+22.6%). Markets in Germany (-5.2%), Spain (-10.6%), the UK (-12.6%), and France (-19.1%) all declined.

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