ESAB University Offers Cutting-Edge Classes

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has formed ESAB University, a corporate university and a new concept in dissemination of information from the company's welding and cutting knowledge. The university provides training for welders in many interactive forms. Traditional classes are offered in major welding and cutting processes at ESAB training facilities at Florence-Darlington Technical College in Florence SC, and at locations in Hanover PA, Salt Lake City UT, and Chicago IL.

Elements of ESAB University include the ESAB Schools of Welding and Cutting Technology, Product Technology, and Equipment Service and Maintenance Technology at Florence-Darlington Technical College. Interactive Internet, CD, and distance-learning programs are available for product and process training and technology courses. Welding process handbooks and instruction literature, service manuals, and Material Safety Data Sheets are available through ESAB University.

General reference materials such as technical tips, application bulletins, product and safety videos, weld metal and process cost calculation spreadsheets, and slide guides are also offered through ESAB University. For more information, phone 800-ESAB-123, or visit ESAB online at

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