ESAB launches new line of cutting torches

ESAB's Global Center of Excellence for Gas Apparatus in Florence SC has introduced a new and improved line of combination cutting torches as part of the new Purox Elite Series of gas apparatus products.

The new Purox Elite Series Combination Torch includes the WH-4200 welding handle and CA-4200 cutting attachment. This torch welds material up to one inch thick and cuts up to 8 inches in thickness.

The torch delivers superior safety with its tubeless extruded handle that minimizes the potential of gases mixing in the handle. This tubeless handle design, along with the torch's head injector, contains any flashback that could occur at the furthest point from the user. Flashbacks typically occur at the point where the fuel gas and oxygen mix together. ESAB's design contains this mixture in a safer location in the torch.

This tubeless design is stronger than torches with individual gas tubes, which increases the torch's durability.

The Purox Elite Series Combination Torch features color-coded pressure adjustment knobs for quick and easy identification of gases, and the torch is properly weighted for comfort and reduced operator fatigue.

The Purox Elite CA-4200 cutting attachment features an internal tip nut to keep the cutting tip seated, thereby reducing the risk of leaks. This design also protects threads on the head of the cutting attachment from damage while changing tips. The piston-style attachment makes it easy to connect to the welding handle. The cutting attachment features a three-tube design, making it stronger, and offering the highest cutting capacity of any medium-duty combination torch on the market with alternate fuel gases. The CA-4200 includes “ease-on” control of cutting oxygen, which reduces the potential for blowback when piercing.

Both the CA-4200 and the WH-4200 are compatible with the Purox W-300 handle and CW-300 cutting attachment.

For more details, visit or call 1-800-ESAB123.

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